At Madcap Retreats we are dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusion in publishing, because for too long a single story has been centered.

We endeavor to never discriminate against marginalized groups and instead aim to create space for all individuals, regardless of identity, to learn with us the craft of writing and tools for navigating the publishing process.

We commit to actively promoting inclusion at every level of our organization and in the greater system of publishing by:

  • making available scholarships for students from marginalized groups at every retreat and workshop on our schedule;
  • hiring a diverse faculty and staff for every retreat and workshop;
  • addressing concerns about safe space at our retreats and workshops;
  • having a zero tolerance policy for prejudiced language or behavior in our spaces;
  • finding and using accessible facilities for all retreats and workshops.

We hope to grow the diversity of our faculty, staff, and program participants by taking these steps in the future:

  • funding additional scholarships to eliminate barriers to attendance;
  • finding venues in more easily accessible locations;
  • and continuing efforts to expand our faculty base.

If you have thoughts about how we can address any of these issues, please contact us at